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What is Sunstone?

Sunstone is an embryonic think-tank

The term “sunstone” comes from the Icelandic sólarsteinn. Sunstones were used  by navigators of mediaeval  times to find the sun in a cloudy sky and so steer their ships safely to their destinations. Just how this was achieve is a matter of dispute.

The project stared in a facebook group and was conceived to be away to aid the Icelandic Pirates prepare to fight elections with restrictions on help coming from outside the country. That never got off the ground as the bootstrapping a full blown think-tank in a short time was beyond  a bunch of amateurs.  Thus a rethink – a long one.

The goal of this Sunstone is to become a an organisation that fills a niche that the Pirate Movement lacks: a forum where new ideas can be formulated, discussed, criticised and published. A way to find routes through a troubled and dangerous political sea.

Strange scene of a viking using a kite to sail a ship on a frozen fiord

Aspirations include:

  • An academic journal.
    Post will be referenced and attributions given. In other words ‘show your research’. Peers will be invited to review as well.
  • A Pirate podcast.
    Conversational and with interviews with interesting Pirates and people.
  • A nexus where Pirates can meet and cooperate.
    Using a variety of means including Mumble and social media but exploring others.
  • A place where ad hoc plans can reach fruition.
    Fund-raising is a difficult problem for Pirates as we rely on individuals – individuals who mostly do not have much cash to spare. So we hope to find new and interesting ways to fund projects.
  • A harbour where discussion is amicable.
    Pirates are prone to flame wars and personal attacks. This is a price that we pay for advocating free speech. However, not every Pirate institution needs to be a free-for-all. Ad hominem and genetic attacks will not be a part of Sunstone.

The initial emphasis:

There will be no will be on ideas and novel ones at that. I do not want a platform that is a soap box for rehashing established ideas . However, no new concept comes from a vacuum. If an idea, that is already in circulation, is addressed  in a new way – that counts.
This is not a news site as that role is served very well by The Pirate Times.

Most Pirate initiatives tend to evolve in a way that no one can foresee.  Sunstone may become what is intended. Sunstone may become something totally different. Sunstone may just end up being  a one man bog. Time will tell.


The first few posts will be experimental as the finer points of WordPress are tackled and therefore might not quite meet the strictures mentioned above.


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